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Lawyer and specializing in Civil Pro Law of Externado University of Colombia. She is currently courses a Master in Commerce Law in the Externado University of Colombia. Four years of experience as consultant and litigant lawyer in Commerce Law, Transport Law and Insurance Law.

Angelica Herrera  

Lawyer of the Free University of Pereira specializing in Administrative Law of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She is Master with an emphasis on Natural Resources in the Externado University of Colombia. Nine years of experience as consultant and litigant lawyer  in matters relating with Administrative Law, Urbanistic Law, Port Law, Envoiromental Law, Government Contracts and Legal Aspects of Specialized Logistics Infrastructure.

Lawyer of the Externado University of Colombia, Master in Maritime Law of Wales University, College of Cardiff (Great Britain). Twenty years of experience as a consultant and litigant lawyer in matters relating with Maritime Lay, Commercial Law, Aeronautical law, Transport law, Ansurance law, Port law, Mining law. Arbitrator in Center of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá (), Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Cartagena y Cali. Author of the books “Maritime Jurisdiction in Colombia” (2002), “The Contract of Carriage of Goods under Bill of Lading” (2007) and “Contracts of Carriage” (2009) and many articles about maritime and transport law. Member of  Colombian Association of Maritime Law, Iberoamerican Institute of Maritime Law and International Maritime Committee.

tatiana navarro

Guzmán Escobar & Asociados (GEA) is a lawyer firm created in 1996, located in Bogotá (Colombia), it offers consultancy, litigation and arbitration services in the areas of maritime law, commercial law, aeronautical law, transport law, insurance law, port law, mining law and envoiromental law.

This firm is integrated by specialized professionals in the areas of our practice, who provide our clients an integral legal assistance, by an specialized and efficient service, … identifying solutions that facilitate obtaining your business goals.


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